The top part of the Update status page is where you choose the network you wish to update your status on. 

If you click on the arrow in line with the network you will be presented with all parts of that network that you have set up within Content App, i.e different Facebook pages.

Once you have selected the network/s you can then populate the free text box with text and add an image.

You can also add an image to enhance your status using the above toolbar. You can insert a image that is saved to your desktop by clicking 'browse' on the right-hand side or login to your dropbox from the icon on the left-hand side.

To add a GIF, simply enter some keywords such as "happy" and press enter. You will then be presented with a random GIF. Repeat as required.

Once your status has been written you are then ready to schedule when and how often your status is shared.

By default the system will set the date and time to now which will immediately share your status upon clicking 'share'.

However using the above toolbar you can also set a specific time, date and frequency of when you want your status to be updated. This is great for "Happy Friday" messages for example.

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