Click on the 'Broadcast to' dropdown to see a full list of users.
You can also type in a department name that will pre-poulate all users within that department or tick 'select all' for ease of use.
Select the user/s you wish to schedule a share for by ticking the box in line the user/department name.

Enter your content into the free text field. You can add an image to enhance your message using the below toolbar.
You can insert an image that is saved to your desktop by clicking 'browse' on the right-hand side or login to your dropbox from the icon on the left-hand side.

To add a GIF, simply enter keyword/s such as 'happy' and press enter to be presented with random GIF's. Repeat as required.

To share a specific URL enter it into the field above

The below toolbar allows you top choose if you would like to display your lead generation page for your article or not. To find out more about lead generations please see the lead generation article.

The below toolbar allows you to choose to share your content immediately or share randomly over the next 10 hours.

Sharing randomly over 10 hours ensures that different users content is not shared at the same time, this is particularly important for Twitter.

When you click Broadcast, the users you have selected will have your update scheduled for them. They will be notified based on the notification settings they chose when configuring their account.

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