You will need to be logged in as an admin in order to add or manage users of your ContentApp account.

Once logged in you will see this icon in your account, in the top right. 

Once you have clicked ‘add user’ you will be taken to another page where you will need to fill out a form with your new user details.

It is important to make sure the email address and mobile number of the user is correct as these details will be used for notifications; including a welcome email explaining how to use the system. 

Tip! You can customise your welcome email by clicking Company Settings, and then 'Welcome Email'.

Another important field on this form is the ‘Role’ field, this setting with determine the level of access your user has. 

Your options here are Admin/User/Lite. Your user limits would have already been agreed with your sales consultant and will be preset in your account. If you would like to add more user licenses please speak to your sales consultant who will be able to arrange this quickly for you. 

The second half of the form will already be pre-populated, using the same info from your administrator account. 

If your users work in different areas or industries we would recommend that they use different hashtags and sources to gain a wider exposure. Our account managers can help your users with adding difference sources if needed.

You can choose which department, location and tags to have for a user. This is useful for yourself later on so you can easily segment your team when broadcasting content.

Tip! You can edit the list of departments by clicking the manager users icon, and then 'Departments'

Once you have clicked ‘Add user’, the user account will be created and a welcome email will be sent to the email address provided, containing instructions on what to do next.

Once your list of users is saved you can manage any of the accounts by clicking on their name. 

This will allow you to access their account details, their job shares, their list of sources and delete the account if they leave the business. 

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