You have content that employees don’t share; we have solved that problem. Provide your employees with an effortless way to participate in sharing company news, whitepapers and blog posts on social channels allowing you to tap into previously inactive ambassadors, with a 97% open rate, Content is the best way to engage your workforce!

Access the broadcast feature by clicking ‘Update Status’ in your account.

When you click on the broadcast field you will see a drop down containing all of your users names (Assuming they have setup their accounts!). You can choose to broadcast to individuals or teams.

If you have tagged your users by Department or Location you can type this tag into the broadcast to be shown a list of all your users in those groups. This allows you to easily segment your team when broadcasting your content.

You also have the ability to choose when you wish to broadcast, you can share immediately, choose a specific date or time in the future or share over a 10 hour period, meaning the content you are broadcasting will appear more organic.

Manual shares 

Do you have something of your own you want to share? You can easily share a status or a link in your ContentApp account.

The ‘Update Status’ button will allow you to write a status, add your own image or use one from our image library using a keyword. Then select a time a date you want to post it. 

You also have a broadcast option on this page, so if you want your employees to share your status too, they can do so by responding to their text message. 

You can choose a specific date and time for your status to be shared, and you can setup a reshare period. Useful for those busy event months!


Add your logo to your ContentApp account to keep your branding on point. 

Click this button in your account to upload it; 

Once added your logo will appear in the top left corner of your account, and we will also use it on the image we share for your jobs. 

Website Widget 

Do you want to bring your news section back to life?

Website shares let you embed industry news onto your website with ease. To install, simply send a snippet of code to your website developers. 

See the ‘Website shares’ button in your account for what to send them.

If you would like to include an image and a summary of the article, our website widget works with guys over at

Discover and share 

Discover and share is a quick way for you to see the latest news in your industry. You can search by keywords and Content will show you the latest articles on the internet that relate to those keywords. If you like the look of any articles you can share them across your social media pages or share with friends via various messaging apps. 

Tip! You can use boolean operators to get really granular results.

As well as news articles you can also search for videos to share using keywords. 

If you change the option at the top from ‘Across the web’ to ‘Youtube’, Content will run a search across YouTube to find some relevant videos for you to share. Video gets lots of engagement on social media so give this a go!


See which team member gives you the most click-throughs, gamify with monthly reports and plug in to your Google Analytics for end to end reporting. 

Calculate your earned media value to see how much you're saving with lead generation. Finally, you can see your return on investment from social and your employee advocacy program.

If you'd like to keep track of how many fans or followers you have, this is simple with our histograms for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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