Your sources are the list of websites that Content will use to find news for you.

Content will suggest new articles for you to share throughout the day, the frequency of which can be controlled in your settings. 

She will choose a source at random and then an article at random from the source so it's very unlikely you will ever receive the same suggestion twice. 

We recommend you have at least 7 sources for Content to use, however, there is no limit to how many you have. 

It’s important that the websites Content uses are right for your industry, your Account Manager at ContentApp can help with setting these up initially for you. 

The more you communicate with Content to let her know what you want to share and what you don’t the more she will learn from you. 

In order for Content to be able to read the news before she suggests to you she needs it in an RSS feed format. 

Most websites will have RSS feeds available if you see this sign on a site it usually means an RSS feed is publicly available. 

Once you have your RSS feed URL you can add it to your source list and name it, you can access this list by clicking ‘setup Content’ in your account. If you're using Chrome, you can install our Chrome extension which will detect an RSS feed on a website for you.

As soon as you have added a source Content will start reading through to find something new for her to suggest for you, so you can expect to receive a notification soon. 

If you're not sure what websites you'd like Content to check, pop onto the 'Discover & Share' tab to run a keyword search across thousands of publishing sites to identify websites in your industry, or simply ask Content to check those keywords instead by clicking 'Add keywords to Content'.

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